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It is something we hear often in everyday conversation – but when you consider it, what does commitment really meant to you? To St. John Hospital and Medical Center, commitment means answers and support when patients need it most. St. John physicians and associates and committed to the vision of the Sisters of St. Joseph, who founded the hospital to heal and show loving concern for all who are suffering.

As a trusted partner and longtime fundraising arm of the hospital, the St. John Hospital and Medical Center GUILD sees commitment much in the same way. We’re a volunteer organization whose sole purpose is to support the St. John Hospital community through philanthropy. Our members, men and women alike, are active local leaders who place a significant priority on raising standards in health care today.

Since its inception in 1948, THE GUILD has played an important role in the development and expansion of services offered by the hospital, raising millions of dollars to help St. John Hospital meet the health care needs of our community. Though we sponsor many fundraising events throughout the year to benefit the hospital, our premiere event is the Annual GUILD Dinner, first held in 1961. The St. John Medical Staff/GUILD Golf outing is also proving to be a continued success. Over the years, more than $15 million in proceeds have been directed toward the funding of innovative new medical programs and state of the art equipment for the hospital.

It’s clear; St. John Hospital and Medical Center GUILD members are truly committed to making a difference in the lives of others in the community. We are passionate about this commitment, and are dedicated to continuing our service to St. John Hospital. But the need is great, and we can’t do it alone. Please consider joining our worthwhile organization. Together, we can accomplish great things for years to come.