Featured GUILD Members

Theodore C. Hadgis, D.D.S., P. C.; Member over 25 Years

Company Name:Theodore C. Hadgis, D.D.S., P. C.

Websites: www.drhadgis.com


Why did you join THE GUILD?

I have attended and enjoyed the Annual Guild Dinner for over 25 years to support the hospital that serves our community so well.  After several years, I was asked to serve on the board.   I believe the Guild is an exceptional organization to support and honor for its work in giving back to our community in so many ways.

What have you gained by being a part of THE GUILD?

I have gained a greater understanding and enhanced knowledge about the hospital, including its Administrators, Doctors, and Staff. As Guild members, I believe we serve as a strong endorsement for all of the good provided by St. John’s Hospital, and provide our community with a deeper appreciation for the many fine professionals who serve us.

In 2009, I personally experienced the tremendous value of St. John’s Hospital and I am forever grateful for the immediate excellent care given to me to save my life when I experienced an emergency which occurred during a Guild morning meeting!

John DeWald; Member since 1984

Company Name: J.E. DeWald & Associates

Principal Associates/Commercial Real Estate

Websites: principal-tcn.com/en/who-we-are/John-DeWald.aspx


Why did you join THE GUILD?

I grew up hearing my Dad talk about the St. John Guild Dinners and the great enteretainers being Phyllis diller, Bob Hope, Bill Cosby… When I graduated from Hillsdale College and started my career at KPMG in the RenCen, Larry Scott asked me to buy a ticket and join jis table for the Dinner in 1979. The GuildDinner became a tradition, we had a group of old friends getting together annually to support our local hospital. Joining THE GUILD was a given, again, to support our local hospital.

What have you gained by being a part of THE GUILD?

I have enjoyed many, many years of fun and camaraderie! The Annual Dinner has always been a special event, and I have made many new friends over the years. It has been very satisfying serving on the Board for the past 15 or so years. Our Guild has raised millions of dollars to support our hospital and I am proud to be a part of it. Furthermore, I have gained invaluable experience serving with such a talented group.

Ed Deeb; Member since 1974

Company Name: MI Youth Appreciation Foundation, Metro Youth Day

Company Website:

Why did you join THE GUILD?

I joined THE GUILD at St. John Hospital and Medical Center because I saw the wonderful care that many of my family members received while they were recovering from surgery. As a person interested in improving our community, I learned that there was a Guild which helps raise funds for various projects to improve the hospital. So, I joined THE GUILD. Then I found they did so many wonderful things and eventually I became a Life Member. Then I became a member of the Board. THE GUILD and the hospital do so many wonderful things for our community that I wanted to help them continue their good work.

What have you gained by being a part of THE GUILD?

I have learned by being part of THE GUILD that we have so many wonderful and dedicated members, doctors, nurses and individuals who strive for the best care possible for those people in need of services while hospitalized. Also, I learned that the outreach program for THE GUILD and St. John Hospital supports many areas for improving the hospital and our community.

Daniel Roma; Member since 2003

Company Name: National Coney Island

Company Website: nationalconeyisland.com

Why did you join THE GUILD?

My son was admitted for dehydration and influenza and the care and attention he received was incredible. I wanted to somehow get involved. Also, both my children were born at St. John (as was I) and the new birthing center was great.

What have you gained by being a part of THE GUILD?

A true appreciation of what it takes to run a world class health facility. I have learned to appreciate the dedication of the doctors as well as administration.

Tymon Totte, DDS. Member since 1970

Company Name: Pointe Dental Group

Company Website: pointedentalgroup.com

Why did you join THE GUILD?

Roger Rinke invited me to join.

What have you gained by being a part of THE GUILD?

Great organization and camaraderie.

David Kesner; Member since 1994

Company Name: A.H. Peters Funeral Home

Company Website: ahpeters.com

Why did you join THE GUILD?

My story is rather simple. I had been a guest at the annual dinner for several years. I decided to join THE GUILD and soon became a sustaining life member. Ty Totte invited me to join the dinner committee because he said, “If you can plan a funeral, you can help us plan the dinner!” After being on the dinner committee for several years, I was nominated by Ben Capp to become a Board Member.

What have you gained by being a part of THE GUILD?

I have gained an enormous amount of knowledge about THE GUILD and St. John Hospital. I have met a lot of people I didn’t know before; many I can now call friends. I try to give back to any group I belong to, otherwise, why belong.

Perry Calisi; Member since 2005

Company Name: HOME CARE ONE

Company Website: homecareone.net

Why did you join THE GUILD?

I’ve been a member of the St John’s Guild for nine years now. I came to the decision
to join when I attended their annual fundraising dinner. I realized sometime during the evening that I knew many people from the community. People I went to school with as well as those I had met through my work life. I had been looking for an organization that was involved with community service and I was impressed by the contributions that THE GUILD had made within that year. Now, nine years later, I am glad to be a member of the board of directors for THE GUILD. I have met many new friends and am honored to be affiliated with persons of a high degree of character who give their time and money and thus help to raise the bar in health care.

Alphonse Santino, MD; Member since 1980

Why did you join THE GUILD?

The reason for joining was to raise money for various St. John Hospital projects. I was an integral part of getting the entertainment for several years, entertainment such as Bob Hope, Don Rickles and many others of similar caliber.

What have you gained by being a part of THE GUILD?

My enjoyment was that we raised a lot of money for St. John Hospital and Medical Center. Because of my age and not being personally, directly, involved in the actual practice of medicine, I have not been as active. However, I continue to support it the best that I can.

John Adamo; Member for over 30 years

Company Name: Conner Park Florist, Inc.

Company Website: connerpark.com

Why did you join THE GUILD?

Robert Lefebvre and Sr. Verenice were two members who asked me to join, but my first impression of THE GUILD came from my father, Vincent Adamo who was an original member of THE GUILD when it was first conceived in 1948.

What have you gained by being a part of THE GUILD?

I’ve gained the satisfaction of helping those in need within our community. In addition I have made lifelong friendships with people who I may not have ever met, if I was not a Guild member.

Dominic Paluzzi; Member since 2008

Company Name:McDonald Hopkins LLC

Website: mcdonaldhopkins.com

Why did you join THE GUILD?

I joined THE GUILD to support the health institution that has treated numerous close family members and friends, in addition to networking with professionals in all spectrums of industries in Southeast Michigan.

What have you gained by being a part of THE GUILD?
I have gained a better understanding of the St. John organization, its successes and challenges and its benefit to the local community. I have also established many professional relationships with spirited individuals who are committed to serving. THE GUILD is also a great networking and referral source with access to individuals and organizations that share a similar mission.

If you would like to become a featured member please Call: 313 343-3674 or Email: kathy.taranto@stjohn.org